Sundance Selectee Kohl Glass Discusses Directing Part 2

There is no right or wrong

So the question of being a hands-off director versus a hands-on director. A Director will care about certain things a lot. Others won’t care about that but will care about something else. I think that is about our style. Our styles and instincts. There’s not a real right or wrong answer. When I teach my directing workshops, I will give you suggestions to try to push them to like seeing to see new ways to see the scene, but that doesn’t mean I’m right.

There really aren’t right or wrong answers. There’s not even good or bad, but I don’t even want to label it that. Everyone will direct from where they are coming from. We are creating a reality. That reality is influenced by the DP, the actors. You are given all these ingredients and you think, what can I make. You make something and somebody else might make something completely different. You can give three directors the same script and the same actors and the same DP and you will get three totally different scenes. I think that is completely fascinating. To me, the most important thing is to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know and try to learn that as fast as you can. If two directors learned everything about directing they are still not directing the same.

Close the gap.

When I do presentations I talk about how Hourglass has a quote about how you have your taste, which is like, I like good movies, I think I can make good movies, I’m going to try to make good movies and then it’s what you can accomplish. And there is a gap. And this gap is really frustrating because you are shooting for here and you are making it here. A lot of people will see that they can’t do it. Some people are blind to it and they think they are hitting it up here and that is a problem. God bless them. Other people will see that they are shooting down here and get discouraged and they will quit. But in reality, the only way you can close this gap is to work, work, work, work. The more you work the more you close your gap. Suddenly you are making something as good as your taste.

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