Kohl Glass – Indie Filmmaker After Sundance, Now What?

After Sundance Indie Filmmaker

Kohl Glass After Sundance 6

After Sundance Indie Filmmaker

When I first decided to go to film school, I looked at the filmmakers who were making films at that time. During that time that was the Indie boom. You had people like Wes Anderson, Kevin Smith, PT Anderson, Quinton Tarantino. All those dudes had films at Sundance. And so even though it wasn’t very realistic, my plan was to make a short film that gets into Sundance and then make a feature version of it. And so I had DER OSTWIND, the feature all planned out. I think I was even writing it at that point. So that when someone said what do you want to do next I can say I want to do a feature length version of this and you can see what it’s going to look like.

The reason that didn’t work as far as I can tell is two reason. One, that whole Indie thing was drying up around that time. That was when we first started getting into our franchises like the Matrix which was popping out sequels. And I think the people like Kevin Smith and Wes Anderson who made shorts and features and started their careers off of Sundance… I think it would be really hard for those people to do that now or by the time we were there.


It’s interesting because you go talk to film students now and half of them want to be YouTubers. Thats what their career path is. And again, YouTube wasn’t even around and people ask do you ever think about doing YouTube. I’ve never put a lot of thought into it because I don’t know how that works. When I plotted my course I was like this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to get into Sundance and then I’m going to get this thing.

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