In-D-Festivals Purpose

In-D-Festivals, a space for dialogue between creatives.

Get a group of filmmakers together and you have an all-nighter with ideas, experiences, problems and solutions bounced between them like a not-so-hot potato. The warmth penetrates the hands and minds of the participants. All get warm. It is magical when creatives share. It’s inspiring when the forum is open. Ideas rise from nowhere and soon something has been made from nothing. When those ideas evolve even more collaboration is possible. If you have worked on a committed crew you understand. Collaboration is crucial.

So let’s discuss it all. Screenwriting, selling, funding, crews, production and post production.

Where to begin? How about with those who have had some measure of success. Film festival selectees. We want to hear from you! How has the festival experience helped you on your path as a filmmaker? Is the festival route your first choice? Or what about those heading to the new internet show houses. Which distribution do you believe offers more opportunities to showcase new work while leading to more opportunities?  How is your voice more prevalant in your choice of venue? What is your long term plan? Has it evolved or changed with technoloical opportunities?

Filmmakers make film to tell a story, to encourage a dialogue or to promote thought or change. Filmmaking is a story in and of itself. It’s a dialogue which promotes better work and better product.

Sharing your personal experience  as a filmmaker, producer, director, actor, distributor or participant supports the collaborative nature of film and we all benefit.

And when one succeeds, we all celebrate because we all benefit. Filmmakers appreciate the effort. Filmmakers have been in the trenches and have experienced the longevity of the creation, the nuances, the struggles, the disappointments and the surreal moment when the lights dim and your work, your story is seen by the world or the one. Magical.

Those who understand that their ideas, their passion project and their experiences are enhanced by the collaborative nature of film are filmmakers who search out and embrace the community. They understand the value.

In-D-Festivals, a space for dialogue between creatives.