Creative Collaboration

If we could master all the components of film making and produce the vision in our minds while making enough money to exist on two tacos for $.99, I have no doubt many would choose to remain solitary filmmakers to maintain total control of their film. But, the division of labor and expenses is rarely optional. Not in this business. Collaboration allows us to eat the cake we baked. And we should!

There are 1000’s of film festivals in the world with more created each year. Clearly, if you can’t make money making film, create a non-profit festival. Seems to work. But I digress.  In addition, in the last few years Youtubers , Online venues and the like are now a viable distribution option. But does that cement them as  the ugly step-child? Something many are considering. Consequences.

What is clear is that film festivals and online venues have become more and more appealing and accessable. The goal is to visually tell your current passion project. Or it is to tell the story someone has hired you to tell which gives you experience and resources pushing your creative career forward.

And if your film has been selected, well, we’d like to hear about that. How’s that working for you? What doors have been opened to you? Do you have the finance now for your next project? What is it like to sit at the table and share your film? And why?  Why did your film get selected this time?  What made this film special this time?  What did you learn from the festival experience. How did it propel your career forward?

And if you are a tuber or contributor to the many new channels filled with content, how is that working for you? Are more doors being opened enabling you with resources to produce more work?

What about the hierarchy of the new filmmaking world? What level of respect are you experiencing in your distribution decisions? Are some venues a loaded gun pointed at your foot?

We learn from each other’s work and from each other’s experiences. Consider sharing your experience as a blog or a short video (less then five minutes). Use your filmmaking skills. Include a trailer of your movie, age appropriate please, to In-D-Festivals. Your submission constitutes permission to post on (In-D-Festivals reserves the right to select which submissions get posted.)

Include film title, writer, director, producer and a brief synopis. Tell the world about your filmmaking experience. Please be honest. If your venue helped you, GREAT! If it didn’t, be brave and say so. If the festival, video company, Online venue and it’s organizers were duplicities, tell us. Be specific, not vindictive. This is not a therapy session, it is a community dedicated to helping each other, while we eat our cake!