Avrec Art House

It was unexpected. I had traveled to Salt Lake City to interview director Kohl Glass. He gave me the address where we could meet and talk. Yes, google got me there and I only had to circle the building twice to figure out how to access the parking area. Who cares, right?

Kohl introduced me to Dallin Cerva, the founder of Avrec Art House. They gave me a tour and I still wasn’t sure what it was all about. Creatives were in deep discussions, people were coming and going, but what I did sense was the essence of community.

And that is how Dallin explained it. As a young filmmaker he felt the loss after film school of a like minded community. He wanted a space to bring together creatives to discuss, learn and grow.

And so he created one.  Find a way and then do it.

The unexpected may be needed in your town. He found a way and did it. He is the first to tell you that this is not about him. It is about the community.